Warren Miller’s Wintervention

A few weeks ago we saw the 61st Warren Miller movie: Wintervention. I very much enjoyed watching all the skiing and snowboarding scenes, but I thought the story –  winter/ski addiction – was rather lame.

My favorite part of the movie though was the Southern Utah scene with Zach Crist. Skiing and snowboarding in that kind of terrain looks absolutely phenomenal. Below a short clip from that scene to get you amped up for the season. Enjoy!

Comfortable Women’s Ski Boots – Rossignol Electra Pro

I’ve considered myself a snowboarder for the last 15 years.  When I started working at a ski resort last year only to be informed that I would not only be teaching snowboarding but skiing as well; I was a little hesitant to trade out my cushy snowboard boots for rigid plastic ski boots.

I endured several weeks of gnarly blisters and moleskin before I decided there must be a better way. That’s when I came across my Rossignol Electra Pro boots.

Electra Pro Rossignol Ski Boot
Electra Pro Rossignol Ski Boot

These boots are comfy enough to make any snowboarder think twice about scoffing at putting on ski boots.

Key Features:

  • High performance women’s ski boots that offer comfort without sacrificing power and feel.
  • Compatible with both Alpine and “AT” (Apline Touring) bindings
  • Rich, great fitting liners, made to deliver the highest performance combined with an amazing out-of-the-box fit for aggressive and expert women skiers.
  • Engineered with F.I.T. (feminine Intuitive Technology) which incorporates a true women’s upper cuff which is lower than a unisex boot to accomodate a woman’s calf muscle.
  • Gecko rubber soles for extra grip while hiking for those extra turns and cruising around the lodge decks.


  • Our Rating:
  • Compatible with Alpine and AT bindings
  • Price range: $529.95 – $530.00

Where to buy?

These boots made for a great season and happy feet. They proved to be very durable and I should be able to enjoy them for many seasons to come.